June 14, 2014

Park Shin Hye Visits Nepal

park shin hye africa pic1

park shin hye africa pic2

park shin hye africa pic3

Actress Park Shin-hye recently took a trip to Tapatali in Nepal to deliver fan-prepared stationary for children and visit homes of the needy. Some website are posting Park went to Africa. This is not the case. She visited Nepal, a country located in South Asia.

Park Shin-hye told the media,“Looking at the smiles of the children who live in such difficult situation, I wanted to spread more love so I joined this volunteering project. But I felt sorry about that because I felt I have received more love.”


  1. aawwwww wow……..she’s such a down to earth loving person…………..others are attending fashion shows shes volunteering….hehehehehehehehe


  2. You re so Beautiful :D
    You look gorgeous…

    I saw an angel ^^

  3. minam tekseng says:

    gud work park..:)(p.s m a girl) u shld com to india also..u’ll b shck!

  4. minam tekseng says:

    i feel so sad lukin at this pics…gosh!!y r they so poor..:( ..nepal too has ppl like us..

  5. she has done a good job by helping poor people of my country Nepal. gud job

  6. Amod Thapa says:

    didnt knew she was a social worker type.Glad that she does charity works as well.
    thanks for your help to thoes nepalese kids!!! they seem to be very happy, look at the kids face in the last pic the smile is precious.

  7. latifatunnisa says:

    i love park Shin-hye so much…i am your fan in Indonesia.

  8. weww .. shin_hye ..

    how nice u r .. . i love u .. :D
    u helping poor people of country Nepal.
    u not only beautful but also a social worker .. love u

  9. euniquemissy says:

    she’s really an angel. beautiful face, beautiful heart, beautiful soul.

    God Bless You, PSH :)

  10. geuligo ajigdo hwangyeong-e daehan gwansim aleumdaun eolgul, jonglyuleul gajigo issdeolado wongyeogji ..
    jal …
    sin-ui chugbog-i issgileul

  11. I was really glad to know Shin Hye is a kind people! T^T
    I’m her fans!!
    I love her!
    I like her voice..

    God bless you!!!

  12. hey park shin im so happy u went to nepal im frm there and im you’re great fan from you’re are beauiful the song u sink really beautiful u always best love u oo i watch that show event if i don,t undertan language u were great im 13th yrs old frm nepal but now im usa hope one day i see u in real life

  13. she’s an angel….. she got the moves,the talents,the looks and she’s got a beautiful heart…

  14. Your so beautiful..
    Your angel in my live..
    Love U

  15. angel

  16. you have a very soft heart…i really appreciate what youve done and i hope you will not changed stay the same…i love you..take and god bless you.

  17. she’s a very kind hearted person, despite of her achievements, still has a heart for the poor people… may god always bless you and give you more blessings..:)

  18. woah.. she’s pretty. The thing is all she did was go see the kids, but did she help them? No she didn’t, they need money to survive! But it is a good thing she still recongnizes the poor people becuz she’s famous. I’m not her fan though,not really. ;p hahaha!~

  19. pham tuan hoa says:

    chi park shin hye oi chi co the giup em tro thanh duoc nhu chi khong em co the lam tot nhu chi nhung deu do khong co the duoc vi chi se khong giup em

  20. shin hye!!! chị thật ấm áp!! nụ cười tỏa nắng!!! thật sự e ngưỡng mộ chị!!! chị pik k?! chị là một ngôi sao nữ rất đặc biệt!! e chưa từng hâm mộ ai ngoài chị! bây h` cũng như sau này!!! iu chị nhiều!!

  21. Hey (jjess) what ever your name is:p
    Your no one to judge, your not her fan doesnot mean that you can judge her, So, better not care of what she does, okay?……laab dang kama chap.

  22. i become moved emotionally to see highness of soul of SHIN HYE which will do utmost to come for the shake of a which so far and he/she have never recognize with the people……
    I LOVE IT………

  23. bhumika rai says:

    thankuu very much… i m from nepal too.. we r touched,,n respect u mor..lov u foreva

  24. chelsea rai says:

    PARK SHIN HYE UNNIE YOU ARE GREAT!!..i really liked that u came to nepal to share your love.^^

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