June 14, 2014

Are Jennifer Pham & Quang Dung Calling It Quits?

It sure looks like something is going on. Jennifer Pham and famed Vietnamese singer Quang Dung have NOT been seen together for some time now. Many are questioning if the couple split.

Jennifer was the MC at a recent party (Chao Xuan); however, her hubby was nowhere (and I mean NOWHERE) in sight. When recently asked by Vietnamese newspaper The Gioi Van Hoa if she and her son, An Nam, still live with Quang Dung, Jennifer neither confirmed nor denied the speculation. Pics of the once happily married couple with their son below.

It’s a shame if this couple bites the dust.


  1. How can she suffer QD for the rest of her life? She is only 24. Mistakes are human. Look, how available her body is ! It looks like she is open for another welthy famed man .

  2. justgossip says:

    How can QD suffer JP for the rest of his life? He cannot stand this woman ! QD can always find a better wife . Beauty is not everything.Happiness only comes with a true love. She dumped her boyfriend after 7 years dating ,rushed to QD with a big belly in the wedding.I am sorry,but something is very wrong with her. I heard they are separated now,planning what to do next with the son after their divorce. It is just about the time when to make an official announcement to the press and public . I just like to see her as a fashion model only. I feel better when she shuts her mouth now.

  3. Drunken Master says:

    I feel better when she shuts her mouth now too. She has no brain.

  4. justgossip says:

    @Drunken Master I thank you for your agreement.
    Actually,this JP has ” sexy sleepy eyes”( good for sex) ,and”husband killer”( sa’t cho^`ng) high fat cheeks.She has cheated many people for money and fame,including QD. I bet you that JP and QD can never live together again. She pluffed too much nonsense…so far. Can you still listen to this “no brain” woman? She should stay away from public and media, and live a silence life. The more she shows up,the uglier it will be for her.She cannot make her life in U.S as a doctor ( laughing a lot) with 250,000 USD/or more (annual income) as her website says?

  5. quco dung 'dan says:

    i love quang dung’music ,regardless what is going on between those two.People in general like to see a fairytale story, that is life.Why should you people leave them alone. WHY DO YOU CARE?? Wish you were JENNY,LOL

  6. Both QD and JP want to sleep with men! and they don’t want to share men with each other

  7. 2quco dung’dan : Why did you care to talk about those two then? Gossip is gossip.
    The truth now came out: they are no more together for about 1 year. I wish Quang Dung will find a better wife for him. QD and JP made a mistake,not a fairy tale: making a child together and a public wedding and marriage.Anyway,everything has a price. She should talk more carefully and modestly. I like QD and his music without JP. Let’s see what else this exposed woman will do next.

  8. Cindy Cao says:

    Quang Dung should have get with My Tam from the beginning, they make a good couple .. Jenifer is nothing, but a gold digger.

  9. Nhung Nguyen says:

    I love Jeninifer. wishing you have a happy life. You are a good Vietnmese lady. QD is a lucky man. We always love you and proud of you. Being a miss Asian in the US, I can tell that Jennifer is so pretty, smart, and kind. Every body is not perfect. No matter what people say, we always support you.

  10. just gossip: jp has not finished 4yrs college degree, yet, therefore she is not a doctor in the US. I am very surprise that she is popular in VN because she’s nothing in the US.

  11. catherine says:

    Hi every body,
    The people, who told no good about Jenifer Pham, that people would like to be her but they are never could be her, so beter way shuts your mouth.

  12. yes, fully agreed with Catherine. Please don’t talk about others’ privacies. Let them to be respected!

  13. FactsnotFiction says:

    I know Jennifer Pham since she was in elementary school. Here are some quick facts. She’s always has been self centered even in high school walking around Asian Garden Mall with fake hair that her mom sells at a kioske. Her mother is half white…which means that her grandmother was a bar girl during the war. Her grandmother is deaf and I remember seeing Jennifer throwing a glass of water at her while calling her a whore. Jennifer was a coffee shop girl from Little Saigon in California. She has a boyfriend for 5 years before dumping him because she got pregnant with QD. Her father is a construction worker who is a drunk. Her four year degree in “Bio” at UCI doesn’t mean anything. She can probably make $14 an hour being a lab assitant. Sorry dear just because you’re studying Bio does not mean you’re going to get into Med school.

    Just a few quick facts about Jennifer Pham because I know her family personally.

  14. Nhung Nguyen says:

    lots of Vietnamses fathers are drunkers. Why we r talking about her family. No matter what, in fact she is the first Vietnamses girl win Miss Asia in The US. I am so proud of her, and I like the way she is. Jen is one of the people whom make me proud of that I am a Vietnames. I hope she will finish her major and continue her good life here. Also, You can be smart when you r a tailor, designer, or anything, not only when u r a doctor.

  15. Mind Your Dam Business says:

    FactsnotFiction says:
    “Just a few quick facts about Jennifer Pham because I know her family personally.”

    Curious, did she reject you for being ugly? or did your bf left you running after her? lol

    Why did they split? Only they know. and who the hell care. Maybe he is a D and she got a big mouth he can’t stand. Anyway, it’s their business and none of yours

  16. I totally agree with just factsnotfiction, I went school with her and she used to worked at cafe vui and willing go out with guys for money

  17. Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.

    :Catherine – everybody is different and it all depend on your personalities, but no one want so be a slut like jp….maybe you do that’s why you’re siding with her.
    :Vinamiu – their privacies isn’t pravate anymore when they in the show business industry, it comes along with the Perks.
    :FactsnotFiction – I couldn’t agree more with you. She sound like a disrespectful little gold-digging bi-otcccch.

    My 2cent is that people make mistake but for both of them the outcome is their child. JP is still young and maybe she’ll change for the better. Let’s see what she will do next, if she get her act together then cool for her. If not then she deserve what she gets.

    Oh yeah all you hater reading my reply….go suck a cock. Bitches…hahaha

  18. I’d like to fuck her.

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  20. JenniferPhamisUgly says:


  21. LMAO! Yes u r right. she is nothing in the us thats y she went to VN. N yup she was preggo with QD n got married. N guess what? she dumped him for a rich guy in vn now. True face show. not surprised she was a coffee shop whore…she was poor. only ways is to sell herself to get rich. 250k/year doing what? sleeping with rich men to get $$$$$!! I mean RICH men! She used her photographer bf to get connection that was how she won the competition n of course $$$ to bribe them.
    Gotta give it to her that she is tall…other than that just a average girl, wouldnt call her ugly though. No class, no loyalty, no self respect. She leaves her kid here with her parents so that she can be in vn with her new rich man. That is something she should hate herself for or when her son grows up will hate her. I feel pity for her n feel bad for her son to have a mother like her. N QD so sorry u made a bad mistake…but hey u got ur citizenship so fair trade.

  22. & OMG>>>did u see her fake boobs! she has to make it so obvious!

  23. Say what? JP is famous? Where? On Mars?. says:

    I was in awe when JP was referred to being ‘famous/a celebrity’ and was curious as to which planet would that be because it sure as heck not in the United States of America or Vietnam. My relatives back in the country have no idea who the hell she is. I’m certain of one thing that she’s famous for and that is being a gold digger to these rich and idiotic men and for being an irresponsible mother to her young son. What a same!! Famous and pretty? Please, my ass!! Lol

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